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How Firm A Foundation
How Firm A Foundation

Hymns in Brass Volume 2


Sacred Selections for Brass Choir presented by the SMS Brass Choir. Produced by Tim Fisher. Copyright 1995.

 The tracks on this cd are listed below.


[hi speed] [dial up] 1. Christ Arose (2:01)
[hi speed] [dial up] 2. O For A Thousand Tounges(3:05)
[hi speed] [dial up] 3. The Church's One Foundation (2:53)
[hi speed] [dial up] 4. Will Jesus Find Us Watching (2:24)
[hi speed] [dial up] 5. Face To Face (2:11)
[hi speed] [dial up] 6. The Lord Is My Shephard (2:06)
[hi speed] [dial up] 7. And Can It Be (2:43)
[hi speed] [dial up] 8. Does Jesus Care (2:43)
[hi speed] [dial up] 9. Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah (1:27)
[hi speed] [dial up] 10. Sheep May Safely Graze (4:06)
[hi speed] [dial up] 11. More Holiness Give Me (2:08)
[hi speed] [dial up] 12. Word Of God Medley (2:27)
[hi speed] [dial up] 13. Fanfare On Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (1:23)
[hi speed] [dial up] 14. This Is My Father's World (2:36)
[hi speed] [dial up] 15. I Must Tell Jesus (2:41)
[hi speed] [dial up] 16. Achieved Is The Glorious Work (2:56)

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