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Future Headin' Home Episodes

We have been asked if there are going to be any more episodes of The Headin' Home Family Program, and the simple answer is that we think so. Granted, that was not exactly a definite answer, but Headin' Home is in a transition period and we are still working out all of the details. Over the past several years, we have been doing much needed "foundation work", and we are near the place where we can resume production. There are roughly 40-50 Headin' Home episodes that have either been outlined, written, or partially recorded, and our heart's desire is to see these (and many more) episodes finished and made available. However, we are facing 3 limitations from making that goal a reality and keeping us from producing Headin' Home episodes in a more timely fashion.

1. TIME: We do our best to make sure we "redeem" our time (a reference to "Redeeming the Time", one of our original recordings), but time is a resource that we never seem have in great enough quantity. If you have visited the page on how an episode of Headin' Home is made ("Making an Episode"), you know there are a lot of steps involved making a single Headin' Home episode and that it takes between 65-100 hours from story idea to finished episode. If this work was done by a staff of 15-20 people, it would not be too daunting, but that brings us to our second limitation.

2. STAFF: We are very thankful for the families that have volunteered their time and talents to record the episodes that have been produced. Without their sacrifice and generosity, we would not have been able to produce any episodes. Because our administrative staff is very limited, we have an enormous need of help in other areas (artwork design, instrumentalist, recording engineer, mixing engineer, music arrangement, music composition, script writing and review, sound effects creation, studio construction, and website maintenance). Currently, we are having to spread our limited staff in all of these areas, so progress toward a finished episode is very slow.

3. FINANCIAL: Headin' Home is an independent corporation and is not part of a parent company, so our primary source of income comes from the sale of our recordings. We would like to hire additional staff and pay professionals to do a large portion of the work in a shorter amount of time, but at this point we are limited by our financial situation.

If you would like to see Headin' Home produce additional episodes, there are several things you can do. The first thing is to pray that we would know how God would have us to proceed. By definition, Headin' Home Christian Publications is a Christian company, and our goal is know God's will and then humbly obey it. We believe that God has put within our hearts a burning desire to continue this ministry, but we need Him to do a work in overcoming these 3 limitations. Please pray that God will

(1) Guide us to make the best use our time to accomplish His purpose
(2) Burden other like-minded Christians to join us in our work
(3) Increase our finances so that we can increase our effectiveness

Secondly, if you or someone you know has experience in any of the needed staff areas, shares our Biblical convictions and burdens, and would be interested in volunteering to help Headin' Home, please contact us at the email address on the bottom of the page and include the word "STAFF" in the subject line.

It is hard to determine our most pressing staff need, but at the top would be the music area. We are searching for Christians to arrange, compose, and/or orchestrate music in a separated, God pleasing manner that could be utilized in multiple areas of Headin' Home. We have been in contact with a few very qualified Christian arrangers, but we are still waiting for God's working.

Thirdly, please tell other families about Headin' Home. The Headin' Home mission statement describes the purpose of all that we are trying to do.

"Headin' Home Christian Publications is a Christian organization dedicated to glorifying God by encouraging Christians to obey God through the study of His Word, teaching Christians to apply Biblical principles to everyday life situations, strengthening existing Christian marriages by teaching the foundation, purpose, and the Biblical representation of Christian marriage, and promoting traditional, conservative hymns to stir the hearts of Christians to praise God."

Our goal is to unite with other Christians and to encourage them to apply God's Word in their daily life. If Headin' Home has been a blessing and encouragement to you, please tell other Christians about our ministry. You can help us by increasing our outreach and help others to be encouraged in their Christian walk.

If The Headin' Home Family Program has been a blessing and encouragement to you, please let us know. The more positive response we receive, the more encouraged we will be to resume production. We could always use an encouraging word! Please send emails to: