Heain Home Christian Publications

The Headin' Home Family Program centers around the family and illustrates how God desires families to glorify Him through obedience to His word in all areas of our daily life.  Although families, like people, aren't perfect, God wants to use His word to reveal Himself and to direct us in the way that is best.  Every member of the Headin' Home family joins together to say 
"We would love to have your family join our family . . . Come on, we're Headin' Home"

The Bradfords

The Bradfords have recently moved into the area because Paul has just been hired as an Optometrist at the See-More Eye Clinic. Shortly after moving, the Bradfords are visited by Bill Clark and Rob Hudson from Faith Baptist Church. Through the witness of the Clarks, the Hudsons, Hank, and Pastor Steadman, Paul and Elizabeth learn the Bible teaches

1. God is Holy

2. No person born of man is holy and all have sinned against God

3. The punishment for their sin is separation from God in Hell

4. God loves everybody so much that He sent his only son, Jesus, to pay the penalty of man's sin by shedding His blood on the cross

5. Jesus is eternal God who left heaven and became a man, lived a perfect life, took sin's punishment upon Himself when He shed His blood on the cross, died in the flesh, physically rose again and came back to life on the third day, showing His power over death, sin and Hell, ascended into heaven, and is set down on God the Father's right hand

6. To have our sin's penalty paid for by Jesus Christ, all must

(a) Admit they are a sinner against God
(b) Repent of (turn away and forsake) their sin, rebellion, and self righteousness
(c) Trust in the blood of Jesus shed on the cross as their only way to have God's forgiveness

After accepting God's Word to be true, Paul and Elizabeth admitted that they are sinners, repented of their sin, rebellion, self-righteousness against God, and trusted in Jesus' sacrifice on the cross in their place. This began a "new life" in Christ, and they are learning all that God has for them as they continue to yield to Him through His Word.  Their family is starting to be involved serving God in their local church.

The Clarks

Bill and Nancy Clark came to salvation through careful attention to the clear exposition of the Bible concerning sin, it's penalty, and the substitutional death of Jesus. Although they have only been attending Faith Baptist Church for a short time, they have quickly grown in their obedience to God's Word, and God has given Bill the talent of using common items and occurrences to illustrate Biblical truth. Their family is involved in teaching, music, and other areas of service.


Davey is the Bradford's neighbor and can often be found at the Bradford's house. Due to his "creative ideas" and his "unique perspective on life", Davey finds himself in many interesting predicaments that somehow spill over to include the Bradfords, and Paul in particular. Paul often muses to himself that "Davey seems to spend more time at their house than he does at his house" . . . and for good reason.


Hank is a warm and friendly Christian, with a wisdom that comes from years of walking with His Savior. Whether talking at his farm or greeting you as you arrive at church, Hank's joy in the Lord and his natural quotation of scripture will point your vision to God through His word. Hank loves to enjoy God's creation and never stops being amazed at "the work of His hands".

The Hudsons

Both Rob and Mary turned from their sins and put their trust in Jesus' at a young age. Rob was converted while his family was serving on the foreign mission, and Mary was saved after hearing a guest speaker at her church. God clearly worked in uniting Rob and Mary together in marriage to use them as one to foster their mutual burden for teaching God's word. Their family is active in leadership roles, music leading, singing, and various teaching ministries.

The Steadmans

Pastor Jeremiah Steadman has been the pastor of Faith Baptist Church for several years. Although he did not grow up in a Christian family, Pastor Steadman was encouraged to attend church from a young age, and as a boy he learned of Jesus sacrifice for him and in simple, childlike faith turned from sins and asked Jesus to save him. God led him to bible college where he met Sarah and they knew that God would have them serve God together. Sarah also turned to God at a young age and was trained by her parents to know and serve Him.